We are excited to announce our participation in one of the largest sourcing trade shows! Visit us at Mega Show Part 1 in Booth 5C-B7 - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center October 20th - 23rd!

It's going to be an exciting show, and we have a lot to prepare for! Since you last saw us, there has been exciting changes to the entire industry, and we have responded to the changes by expanding our product line, and hiring more support and sales staff. Here are a few new product lines you should to expect from us at the show.

USB-C is here! We will bring along some of the first innovative USB-C products to hit the promotional market. From USB-C cables to USB-C rapid chargers. It looks like in the not too distant future, there is a possibility that all phones, tablets, and even some laptops will use the same universal standard. This could make life a lot easier right?

Digital Exports now offers Bluetooth speakers at extremely competitive prices! We skipped the plain old models--We only offer Bluetooth speakers that do more than just play music. Our selection includes speakerphone, analog line input, MicroSD card for direct MP3 input, even digital audio streaming via USB. With so many options for playing your digital music, you can play audio from practically any device.

USB Toys! Just a few examples, our new USB keyboard light attaches to your laptop's USB port and provides a soft light for your keyboard or for you desk. And out new USB Fan is another great choice for laptop users. Both can be plugged in to a laptop or power bank to make your work environment more comfortable. Both are cost effective and make perfect promotional gifts.

We hope to see you at the show! Please e-mail us, or open up a live chat if you have any questions!